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Blended Irish Whiskey "Morrigan"

Irish whisky is the most dynamic developing segment of the world’s alcohol market. Despite of the fact that its share in the world whisky market is 1,5%, demand for real Irish whisky is growing annually. Most highly requested are “Value for money” projects, as the production is limited and Irish distilleries are strictly controlled by international corporations. Whisky proposed by us is made exclusively in Ireland. 
Our own brand is dedicated to Morrigan, an ancient Irish Goddess- warrior, who could transform into wolf or crow.  With this we would like to emphasize ancient Celtic traditions, and respect to this high quality beverage, as Irish whisky is one of the oldest strong drinks in Europe.

   Our whisky is produced and bottled in Ireland. It’s only in Ireland where they practically do not use peat when drying malt. That is why the taste of smoke that is peculiar to many of Scotch whiskies can rarely be found in Irish whisky. This makes this beverage noble.
The highest quality is achieved by triple distillation and by the technological methods used by the most famous Irish producers.
All cycles of production and bottling take place in Ireland, serving as a guarantee of quality and exclusiveness of the product.

   Morrigan is quite rare and valuable product, as there are only 5 distilleries in Ireland and they are under strict control of the international corporations (for example, there are about 120 distilleries in Scotland).